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NabLab 0.0 Trade Show is the first EU trade event for no alcohol beverages and low alcohol beverages. Over the course of 2 days, the entire chain, from producer to hospitality entrepreneur and retailer are connected. We do so through INSPIRATION at our exhibition floor, INFORMATION at our NabLab Masters and Story Corners and INTERACTION through several niche events and international competitions. The activities are related to the product categories spirits, wine, beer and alternative drinks. Through our NabLab 0.0 Trade Show we give the category its personal podium and stimulate all the exciting things happening in this market. It’s truly a must-visit for those who are (thinking about) selling, buying or supplying no and low alcohol drinks. Find out what’s brewing in the category on April 3rd and 4th 2023.





Why NabLab 0.0 Trade Show
We cannot ignore the massive growth in the no and low alcohol category. There is a great demand for the products, but as it is still so new, entrepreneurs are still looking for the perfect way to incorporate these products into their concept. NabLab 0.0 Trade Show offers entrepreneurs tools, information and inspiration on how to maximize sales and implement the category in their business.
As a visitor, you will be able to register for the event as per January 2022. Should you wish to exhibit your products? Please go to our exhibitor information.