Become an exhibitor
There are a variety of possibilities for exhibitors to join NabLab. NabLab offers three different types of packages: Innovators, Scale-Ups & Start-Ups. Please read on to find out about the general guidelines for exhibitors. We will welcome exhibitors to four different Labs, representing different categories in the world of low and no alcohol: Beers up to 3,5%, Spirits at 0%, Wines up to 7% and Alternative drinks (e.g. craft sodas, kombuchas). The common ground between all of our exhibitors is that they bring something new to the table with their product, when it comes to low and no alcohol. Their products are innovative, refreshing and promote a conscious lifestyle.
General services
NabLab offers certain general services that are included in each package. Please find below an overview of the services (these are also listed in the brochure) - Exposure (different degrees depending on the package chosen) - Tickets (different amount depending on the package chosen) - Glasswork - Cleaning of the glasswork
The packages
Below you will find a general overview on the perks of each package. If you wish to cut to the chase, you can download our information brochures straight away.



  •  Own stand construction is mandatory
  •  Stand construction is aligned with the organisation and should have the purpose to inspire
  •  Price per square metre, from 10m2 – 50m2



  •  Universal stand construction (8m2)
  •  Storage
  •  Extras for dressing up you stand and making use of facilities is possible (extra charge)



  • Universal stand construction (pillar with back wall)