New insights, trends and international figures on no and low alcohol drinks

New event NabLab 0.0 Trade Show launches it’s trade show and masterclass program

Amsterdam Sept. 22, 2022 – The first edition of the international no and low alcohol business event, the NabLab 0.0 Trade Show, launches this week with part of the program, international figures and trends on this rapidly growing industry. There is a lot going on in the beverage industry when it comes to reducing or completely removing alcohol from beer, wines and spirits. Other categories like Kombucha and the so-called Mood Altering Products are also fast growing categories in this industry. In cooperation with some international and specialised partners such as ISWR (Drinks Markets Analysis) and Club Soda, numerous insights and developments were presented during Gastvrij Rotterdam.

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A place where producers and distributors meet, where entrepreneurs are inspired and where professionals share knowledge; that is the NabLab 0.0 Tradeshow. Over the course of two days, valuable connections are made on our ‘inspirience floor’. The NabLab 0.0 Tradeshow contributes to the growth of the no & low alcohol industry and reinforces the shared mission that making conscious choices for a healthy lifestyle can go hand in hand with experience and fun whether out for dinner and drinks or at home.

The NabLab 0.0 Tradeshow will take place on April 3 & 4, 2023 at Taets Art and Event Park. A unique event location located in monumental buildings by the North Sea Canal on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Some figures and trends (Sources ISWR and Club Soda)

  1. The need to reduce alcohol consumption is increasing. Whereas in 2021 this was only 32% of people, by 2022 it will have risen to a majority of 55%.
  2. Awareness of alcohol-free products is unprecedentedly high. In the past year, awareness has increased by 7% to 95%.
  3. If consumers cannot see the low & no alcohol range, they are less likely to buy it. The habit during ordering needs to be disrupted to make known which low & no alcohol beverages are available in restaurants, bars and cafes. 54% of people say they are more likely to order a no & low alcohol drink if it is visible behind the bar. Another 52% say they are more likely to order it if these drinks are mentioned on the menu.
  4. The top reasons for choosing no & low alcohol drinks are: avoiding the consequences of drinking alcohol in general (37%), liking the taste (33%), choosing a healthy lifestyle (32%), reducing alcohol intake in general (32%) and maintaining control of the body (30%).
  5. Spirits take the biggest spot when it comes to the no & low alcohol range, with 40% of the range being a Spirit. The ‘No Liquor Spirit’ has the largest share at 30% and the remaining 10% is for the ‘Liquor Spirit’.
  6. Dark distillates: The rapid growth of no & low alcohol lacked product variety until now, with most launches focused on substitutes for white spirits – particularly gin. As this category grows and beverage products seek to differentiate themselves from competitors, we can expect to see more and more dark spirits, such as rum and whiskey, entering the market.
  7. Mood altering products: The no and low alcoholic beverage category is rapidly emerging as more people are interested in reducing alcohol consumption and avoiding the effects of alcohol. No and low alcoholic beverages offer mood enhancing benefits, often through ingredients such as CBD, nootropics and adaptogens. These products focus on how the ingredients make the consumer feel and are seen as an alternative way to enjoy traditional alcohol moments.  Examples include alcohol-free malt beverages, alcohol-free bitters, alcohol-free wine substitutes (e.g. sparkling grape juice in imitation sparkling wine containers), alcohol-free kombucha aimed at alcohol or aperitif moments, and alcohol-free nootropics and adaptogens, such as CBD drinks.

Some speakers and master classes during NabLab 0.0 Trade Show next year:

  1. Luc de RaedemaekerFounder and CEO van Beer Matters – Website:
  2. Laura WelloughbyCo-Founder Club Soda – Website:
  3. Marcos SalazarCEO Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association USA (ANBA) – Website:  
  4. Marc LivingsCo-Founder of Lyre’s Spirit Co. – Website:
  5. Morten Søren Founder and CEO ISH Spirits – Website:
  6. Nathalia Kruse EdwardsCommercial Development manager Chr. Hansen A/S – Website:
  7. Julia StreuliCo Founder and CEO FUL – Website:
  8. Robert JosephPresenter Real Business of Wine – Website: en Owner La Grand Noir Wines – Website:
  9. Bart CaniniCo-Founder CEO Creneau International – Website:
  10. Christine Parkinson – Co-Founder Brimful Drinks – Website: – Podcast: The Alcohol-Free Sommelier – Link:
  11. Terry DonnelliCo-Founder and CEO Averi Infusions – Website:
  12. Willem van WaesbergheGlobal Master Brewer The Heineken Company – Website:

Choosing Amsterdam: Taets Art and Event Park

NabLab 0.0 Trade Show will take place in Amsterdam, a city that is already at the forefront of low alcohol offerings and has the ambition to make a significant contribution to the development of the most important 0.0 city in the future. The exclusive location for NabLab 0.0 Trade Show will be Taets Art and Event Park, Dutch heritage with 14,000 m², a unique event venue located in monumental buildings by the North Sea Canal on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Taets is located on the historic Hembrug site, part of the Unesco World Heritage Site ‘the Defence Line of Amsterdam’ and one of the city’s leading cultural centers.