April 3 & 4 2023 - NabLab Trade Event - Taets art and event park
No & low
No and low alcohol platform
Let’s experiment with no and low alcohol
Did you know that the no and low alcohol market is expected to grow 35% by 2023? Consumers are more and more about mindful consumption and this interest has exponentially grown in recent years. As a hospitality entrepreneur, retail professional, producer or distributor of no and low alcohol beverages there are huge opportunities to grasp, right now. The category offers an entirely new revenue stream for your business. More importantly, you’ll serve consumer demand and you’ll be ahead of the masses when you jump on this trend now. However, there is still a gap between the market offer and consumer demand. Product offers are still greatly expanding and there is currently little awareness and knowledge on how to effectively sell this category in businesses. NabLab offers a platform of knowledge, information and inspiration on no and low alcohol beverages. To put a cherry on top, once a year our NabLab platform organises a no and low alcohol trade event. At Taets Art and Event Park we provide a live experience to discover the latest on innovations, developments and product offer of no and low alcohol beverages.





The first European no and low alcohol trade event
NabLab also hosts the first EU trade event for no alcohol beverages and low alcohol beverages. Through the event we give the category it’s personal podium and stimulate all the exciting things happening in this market. It’s truly a must-visit for those who are (thinking about) selling, buying or supplying no and low alcohol drinks. Find out what’s brewing in our four Labs and check out the innovative developments in Spirits, Wine, Beer and Alternative drinks. Mark April 3rd and 4th in your calendar and don't miss out on the experience.
Why NabLab
We cannot ignore the massive growth in the no and low alcohol category. There is a great demand for the products, but as it is still so new, entrepreneurs are still looking for the perfect way to incorporate these products into their concept. NabLab offers entrepreneurs year round tools, information and inspiration on how to maximize sales and implement the category in their business. NabLab is a platform for discovery and experience of, and learning about no and low alcohol beverages. We support anyone who wants to sell, buy or supply no and low beverages. By embracing the category, you are catching a great business opportunity. Additionally, you are contributing to a mindful lifestyle, as desired by consumers.
Our Innovators
Our exhibitors are all true innovators and deserving of the title. It’s still quite a challenge to create that perfect low or no alcohol drink, but our Innovators have done their research and will share their most unique, most inspiring, newest and/or tastiest drinks in the category.
Inspiration and information
There is plenty to share on this exciting new category. Check out our line-up on the Mainstage, in the Story Corners and at our Experiment Garden. We have impressive insights, short and triggering stories and mindblowing demonstrations set up for you. Make sure to check out our line-up and don’t miss out on your favorite inspirators!
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